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What We Do


Who We Are

Since 2002, Laing + Simmons Investment Division, as part of Laing + Simmons Parramatta/Granville/Auburn have been working with a diverse range of clients implementing a tried and tested methodology.

Our people are some of the most reputable and respected in our Industry. We have access to all types of property across Australia, through over 300 Builders and Developers, to suit any application and Budget. We also manage 1000’s of Rental Properties directly and we are part of one of the largest and most respected Property Groups in NSW. Trust The Experts.

What we Provide

Since 2002 our team of qualified experts have successfully implemented 100’s of mortgage reduction and property ownership plans. The aim is to save $1000’s in interest repayments and reduce years off your mortgage by utilising the benefits of Investment Property ownership.
When structured correctly, the following 3 factors will happen simultaneously;

• Reduce the term of your owner occupied loan saving you $1000’s
• Minimise your income tax with property ownership
• Create financial independence with ownership of a property portfolio

How Much

Initially, we discuss your circumstances and what Investment Opportunities are available to you, for FREE. We will then present in detail, our procedures and Methodology, for following a path to a successful Investment in Real Estate.
You will be surprised how little Investment Property ownership can cost.


Simply contact Laing + Simmons Investments on 02 9635 4000 or Click Here to reserve an appointment at our office. We also provide in home appointments subject to qualification. All Introductory appointments are with an experienced Investor and are Obligation Free.

CALL 02 9635 4000 to ask how Laing + Simmons Investment Division can help.

Book a no obligation appointment Today.

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